#Happy4thOfJuly!! Looking forward to the

#Happy4thOfJuly!! Looking forward to the fireworks. #IndependenceDay #America


Deodorant Testing

Don’t you get frustrated when you can’t seem to find the right deodorant? I walked out of the house the other day in the hot sun and I didn’t realize that I didn’t apply deodorant until later.  I stopped by Rite-Aid to get deodorant.  I wanted the Degree Motion Sense in Fresh Energy (citrus-y) scent but they ran out.  I like that one because it adjusts to your body…basically the more you sweat, the prettier you smell! Also, it lasts and lasts!  I went to the next store and they did not carry it.  Long story short,  I bought whatever was on sale because I was trying to be frugal.  There was a Degree sea salt one.  Sea salt?!  I have never seen that but figured at $1.49 on sale, you can’t beat that and I’m always down to try a quality bargain.  It basically had no scent even though it was supposed to be an absorbent, I guess no scent.  I liked it but I probably won’t buy it again…maybe that was why it was on clearance?

A while back, my friend suggested that I try the Dove collection.  I’ve tried both the citrus and cucumber ones but they don’t seem to cut it for me…I mean I don’t sweat like a pig but it just does not cut body odor scent.  By midday, the formula starts rubbing off and doesn’t leave a nice scent, at least for me.

I’m not normally picky about my deodorants, but I found out that I guess in a way I am.  Back to the Degree Motion Sense….man if they ever discontinue this, I don’t know what I would do.  Should I stockpile now? lol


Left: Degree Absorbent Sea Salt, Middle: Degree Motion Sense in Fresh Energy Right: Dove Go Fresh in Energizing